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About. Treadway Fine Art

Welcome to Treadway Fine Art, where the vibrant world of watercolor comes alive through the dynamic and emotive creations of artist Amy Treadway. Our passion lies in capturing the exhilarating spirit of horse racing, the grace of equine sports, and the enchanting charm of cats, both domestic and wild.


Immerse yourself in our original watercolor paintings that burst with color and energy, showcasing the accomplishments, movement, and emotions of your favorite animals. Each piece is a celebration of their beauty and spirit, crafted with a unique style that resonates with every horse and cat lover.

We are deeply committed to conservation, rescue, and rehabilitation. By partnering with nonprofits, we raise awareness about the challenges faced by equine athletes and our beloved black cats. Your support helps us make a difference in their lives.


Discover the brilliance of our Giclée Fine Art prints, produced by the industry's top giclée printer to ensure the highest quality and archival standards. We've recently added stunning metal giclée prints to our collection, offering a fresh, modern way to enjoy our art. Whether you're in the US or abroad, we ship our exquisite prints worldwide, allowing you to bring a piece of Treadway Fine Art into your home.


Join us on this colorful journey and celebrate the incredible world of horses and cats through art that speaks to your heart.

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