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Amy Treadway. Watercolor Artist


Throughout my artistic journey, I've poured my heart into learning, growing, and developing unique creative concepts, especially around my beloved subjects: horses and cats.

For me, art is a path of self-discovery and a way to inspire others. Each painting I create is a piece of my soul, reflecting moments of my evolution as an artist. Letting go of these pieces can be hard, but there's no greater joy than sharing my work with the world and seeing it bring joy and awareness to causes close to my heart.

Two profound statements have shaped my artistic career. The first came from my primary painting instructor, who asked, "Who is your favorite artist?" After hearing our answers, he looked us in the eyes and said, "You should be your favorite artist." This simple yet powerful statement shifted my perspective. I realized my work mattered most when it reflected my journey and passion for horses and cats.


Initially, I painted traditional photorealism in oils and watercolors. Then, another artist advised me, "You need to love the process as much as the finished product." This insight opened my eyes to a world of possibilities, leading me to explore my authentic voice. I discovered a love for bright colors and painting animals in motion. Embracing a looser style, I transitioned from oils to acrylics and finally to watercolors.

Henry Patton, the Laughing Wolf/Blue Horse artist, inspired me to master watercolor's dry brush technique. As I experimented, pushing watercolor's boundaries, people often told me they'd never seen the medium used this way before. This feedback motivates me to keep innovating and offering unique experiences through my art.

Relocating to Southern California allowed me to spend time at racetracks, drawing inspiration from my favorite equine athletes. My black cat, Beskar, is a constant companion in my studio, and their plight inspires me to capture their beauty and raise awareness for their adoption. My vibrant, expressive style brings out the quirky personalities of our furry family members, helping others see the magic in black cats.

My paintings dance with life, capturing the exhilaration of my subjects. Each day brings new inspiration, making the journey as exciting as the finished piece. I invite you to join me on this artistic adventure.

Now, I reside in Southern California with my husband, Brandon, my daughter, Faith, and our cats, Beskar and Kyber. We frequent the Del Mar and Santa Anita racetracks. When I'm not in the studio, you can find me at the track, mentoring others, taking pictures, meeting new people, or enjoying time with my family and cats. My next dream is to own racehorses that will become beloved riding horses in their retirement. Let's connect, whether it's with fellow racing fans, horse people, crazy cat ladies, artists or anyone who shares my love for the things I paint.

Come step into my studio, where art isn't just something to hang on a wall—it's a way to express your love for your favorite subjects and share that part of you with the world in a colorful, vibrant form of expression!

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