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Artist Statement. Horsepower of a Different Color

Whether it is a single horse under saddle or 450 horses under the hood, you can be sure to see horse power exploding off the page!   Movement Colo , ExCiTeMeNt, and Passion are elements I focus on in my paintings.  In a tempest of splattered color, composition, and geometric shapes, the excitement of motion is captured in highly rendered detail. I love color; bright, intense colors with high contrast. I intend to bring watercolor back as a popular, environmentally-friendly medium through non-traditional application that allows for vibrant colors and tight control. From prancing ponies to pony cars, each painting is an exquisite and unique work of art.   The viewer is intentionally engulfed in an intense moment of excitement.  Muscle and speed of every kind is beautifully captured.  Although I am not limited to these subjects, equestrian sports and cars are a reoccurring theme in my work.  These subjects lend themselves well to painting motion.  I am an avid horse racing fan along with a variety of equestrian activities.  Cars are also a huge thrill in my life and keep me in an ever engaging and colorful atmosphere.  Another subject has recently become the focus of my newest works of art, pets.  Cats, in particular, are captured on the page and transformed into a moving piece of blazing color. My hope is to capture the passion people and I have about these subjects in my art. I like to create energetic feel to each piece; capturing the strong emotions of the subject matter. This is emphasized by movement that is rendered through lines, paint, color, and style.  My style is outrageous and full of life; it’s definitely a horse of a different color you might say. However, I hope my paintings can take you to a place where you can feel the atmosphere of excitement and relive some of your favorite moments.

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